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Sometimes due to an injury, illness, or aging, a friend or family member may come to a point where they can no longer manage themselves or their financial affairs. If that person has not created a power of attorney, no one may have the legal ability to act on their behalf without a guardianship. Further, even with a power of attorney, sometimes it makes sense to have a guardianship established. While a court appointed guardianship is always a last resort, it may be the best thing for the person in need of assistance. Guardianships can help ensure the health and safety of the person and the proper care of their assets. Because restricting a person’s rights is always a serious matter, strict court procedures must be followed for the appointment of a Guardian. At North Sound Law, P.S., we can assist you with this process. Specific services may include:
$ Education of the Guardianship process and responsibilities
$ Assessment of the needs of the allegedly incapacitated person
$ Petitioning the Court for appointment of a Guardian
$ Assistance with required follow up reporting
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