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North Sound Law, P.S., provides you the legal services you need to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are a start-up just getting started or a small business owner with years of experience, North Sound Law is here to provide practical advice and excellent legal work to help you operate a successful business.

Legal Services
Business formation and choice of entity
Corporate governance
Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
Purchase and sale transactions
Business Plans
In addition, we can assist you with finding appropriate legal counsel in the following areas:

Intellectual Property - trademarks, copyrights and patents Immigration - 1-9 compliance and employment and investment related visas

Advise on Choice of Entity
. When setting up a new business or purchasing an existing business, it is important to select an appropriate form of entity for the business activity. Considerations include how management power will be controlled, what method of taxation will provide the best net result, and how to limit transfers of interests among the owners.

Organize Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.
North Sound Law, P.S. can assist with forming your business entity with the State of Washington.

Owners' Buy-Sell Agreements.
When there is more than one business owner, they don’t stay partners forever. North Sound Law, P.S.. can help you set up a plan for handling such events as an Owner's death, divorce or bankruptcy, or the event of one partner wanting to sell his/her share.

Purchase or Sale of Business. North Sound Law, P.S. can assist with negotiations of the sale terms and plans for transition and non-competition after the sale.

Closings & Escrow. I act as closing agent to process the closing of business transactions, like the purchase or sale of assets or stock. This function involves implementing an agreement as a neutral agent for both parties. Each transaction is unique, and it helps to have an escrow agent who can quickly manage problems that may arise.

Sales Contracts. All businesses sell some product or some service. It is a good idea to develop standard forms for defining the terms of your deal with your customers. There is enough risk in operating a business; the owner should at least take steps to manage the usual sorts of problems that can arise by having solid sales agreements and procedures.

License & Franchise Agreements.
Some businesses use products, services or procedures owned by others, and some agreement must be reached to enable the business to rely on its continuing access to the items in question. License or franchise agreements usually address such terms and conditions.

Employment Agreements.
Key employees, or co-owners, may need to specify long term arrangements with the business to keep them working and happy. It protects the interests of both parties to set up clear provisions so that everyone's expectations can be protected.
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